Josh LaVecchia

Director of Microbiolgy

Josh LaVecchia

Josh is one of those people that likes to talk about cell physiology, cytology and microscopic technique, immunology, pathogenic microbiology, prokaryotic physiology and genetics, biochemistry, organic and analytical chemistries. That is science nerd to the 4th power.

He came to us by way of Texas. He cut his teeth so to speak working for a large testing lab there that did primarily blood testing. It was a lab that was doing 100,000 samples per week. We liked that because it showed us he was not one to wilt under pressure as the volumes in the lab increased, and indcates his ability to work competently in a fast paced working enviornment.

Josh is also quite familiar with federal regulations, including FDA, OSHA, CLIA, HIPAA, GLP, and cGMP. Though many of these are not immediately relevent to our testing, it does give us the ability to design our systems and mehods to be in conformance to these regulations, which will be important as the industry moves forward and presumably will be blessed by the Feds and some point in the future. In additrion to that Josh is 3M certified to use the 3M Petrifiilm testing system according to the Food Modernization Safety Act of 2015. Which is very relevent to our Microbiology testing in Washington State.