Larry Ward

Chief Executive Officer

Larry Ward is in his third career.

He started out working for a Congressman in Washington DC as a legislative assistant. “I worked my way through college waiting tables. Washington DC was like a finishing school for me. Being at the seat of “power” taught me how to keep things in perspective, and not be overly impressed by anyone’s title or rank.”

Larry moved from DC to Kitsap County where having never built anything, started a successful construction company. Over the next twenty years Larry was recognized twice as builder of the year for Kitsap County and was voted builder of the year for the entire State of Washington. “I started out my construction career working as a laborer for the people I hired to work within the company. It was kind of fun to work your way up from the bottom in your own company. I learned a lot. Including humility.”

Larry opened Testing Technologies as a certified I-502 lab in December of 2014. “I started TTI because I wanted to be involved in the new marijuana industry. I had lots of experience running a company, and I hired Scientists with good credentials to run the science side of the business.” Four years into the testing business Larry has learned a lot about running a testing business, science, testing, marijuana, and “good credentials”.

TTI works hard for the growers that hire them. “We go out of our way to provide services that they need to be successful. That means quality testing methods, quick turn around times and market level pricing”. If a customer does experience microbiology issues TTI is here to help them solve the riddle, and we do it at no cost to our clients.