Sample Pickup Panels and Prices

More than just a marijuana lab.

Testing Technologies, Inc. is an I-502 certified laboratory. We adhere to FDA 21CFR58, Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and are in compliance with ISO 17025:2005, which means that we meet and exceed the most rigorous regulatory standards in the industry. By adhering to such strict practices, we guarantee our customers reliable and accurate analysis. Testing Technologies does more than meet state standards, we exceed them.

Our microbiology division employs the latest in automated instruments. This greatly reduces any chance of error on behalf of the operator and reduces the potential for false positives. Additionally, we offer a full range of microbiological testing, including traditional plating methods and screenings, following AOAC, USP, and FDA/BAM protocols. Our methods are fully validated and are accepted throughout the I-502, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our laboratory delivers accurate, precise, and reproducible analysis at a competitive price with a short turnaround. We support our evolving industry by working with growers and manufactures, detecting issues in pre-harvest plants, such as mold or bacterial contamination, and working with them to eliminate these problems before they result in a costly loss.

We are dedicated to serving the cannabis industry—both I-502 and medical—in all of its analytical, microbiological, and regulatory needs. We offer sample pickup anywhere in the state of Washington.