Vehicle/Driver Info Routes

Sample Pickup & Dropoff

We are in all parts of the State on a weekly basis picking up samples. If we are able to pick up you samples on our regularly scheduled pick up day there is no fee for pickup. You can also drop off samples at our lab, 19834 Viking Ave. NW, Poulsbo, WA 98370 Suite A. (we are in the lower level parking area)

Required Information with your order

The following information is needed to start scheduling regular pickups:

  • A copy of your Manifest with all the information complete, signed by both parties.
  • The business name your company is licensed under.
  • A contact person, phone number, and email (for results and invoices).
  • Your physical address, and your billing address if different.
  • Your UBI number.
  • Your WSLCB license number.

We do not charge an account setup fee, nor do we require a contract, subscription, or minimum volumes.

Sample Procedure

Sample Selection

There are any number of legitimate schools of thought on how to select representative samples from a lot of plant material. They all share a common goal of selecting a sample that is representative of the lot in question. By definition, a representative sample is one that consists of material that is similar in size, shape, and density of the overall quality, to the majority of the plant from which it was selected. WSLCB has a rule describing their sample selection protocol: Washington Administrative Code-10 314-55-101.

In a nutshell, the WSLCB is requiring that the person selecting the sample select four unique samples of not less than one gram each taken randomly from all four quarters of the lot. Those four selections then become a single sample of not less than 4 grams nor more than 7 grams.

Your sample selection protocol should be one that produces consistent and representative results. This can be a difficult thing to accomplish. Sample selection is the single greatest contributor to variance in test results.

Sample Size

How much product should you send in for testing?

  • We now require a minimum of five (5) grams of flower material for our 502 panel.
  • Infused extract, inhalation extracts, kief, and hash requires 3 grams.
  • Infused edibles, liquids, and topicals require 1 final (as you intend to sell it) unit (serving/dose) marked with weight or volume.

Sample Packaging

Package each sample separately. Plastic bags work great for flower, kief, trim, and edibles. A container with a lid typyically works best for waxy or sticky products, such as hash and concentrates. Syringes are a good container for extractions that are not too thick. We prefer that you include two barcodes on your package, the QA sample ID / Global ID from LEAF and the Lot ID. If possible we would like to know the lot’s harvest date and it’s sativa/indica percentage if you have that information.

You do not have to put your product into quarantine!

When you create your QA samples, the traceability software may say they have to be placed in quarantine for 24 hours. The WSLCB no longer requires QA samples to be quarantined.


At the time of your order you will have identified who our contact(s) are for your results. Once the results have been processed, you will recieve an automated email when they are entered into LEAF.

Our typical turnaround time is 3-4 days depending on the panel. Anything requiring microbiology will require a 3 day minimum turn around time due to the required incubation period. Potency only, terpenes only, and other non microbiology tests can be turned around in 2 - 3 days.